Are the stained glass pieces ready to ship?
No, they are made to order and will usually ship as soon as finished.

How long does it take to create a piece?
Depending on the piece and amount of orders, it could take from 1-3 days for production.

Why isn't shipping free?
The cost of shipping includes the cost of the following: Shipping box, shipping tape, packing stuffing, wrapping paper, and shipping label with tracking.

What's the metal used for the stained glass pieces?
For decor pieces, there's a 60% tin and 40% lead mixture solder that's used. For a lead came finish, it's just lead.
For jewelry or brooches, I use a lead free solder. Composed of copper, tin, with a hint of selenium. It's safe enough to use for cooking utensils and water pipes (for drinking), so not toxic at all.

What the heck?! Isn't lead bad for us?!
The leaded solder can only cause harm **if ingested.** A simple wash of the hands with soap and water will suffice. Also, don't lick or try to eat your stained glass!